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Monday, August 26, 2013

Windows XP on Dell D420 Wireless Showing No Wireless Networks In Range

Recently I removed the Intel Pro Wireless Manager from my Dell D420 laptop. When it was removed I had the Radio set to off because I was plugged into my LAN via Ethernet. Once it was removed and I rebooted I was unable to see any wireless networks in the Wireless Network Connection configuration window. In the Wireless Network Connections Window you will see the below message.
Wireless Network Connections Not In Range
There are two different things that could be the issue if you run into this problem. Each of these problems is listed below along with resolutions to each one.

  1. Wireless Network Switch: The first issue that it could be is the wireless on/off switch on the side of your laptop is set to off. The switch, which is described in detail here, should be pushed towards the screen which is the on position. After the switch is in the on position refresh the wireless network list and you should start seeing your wireless network almost immediately.
  2. Turn Intel Pro Wireless On: The second item which ended up being my issue was the fact that the wireless was turned off in the configuration for the Intel Pro wireless card’s configuration. To turn on the wireless back to “on” open “Network Connections” ( click start >> right click Network Places >> choose Properties from the drop down). Right click on the “Wireless Network Connection” and choose Properties from the drop down. The Wireless Network Connection Properties window, shown below, will pop open.
    Wireless Network Connection Properties
    Click the Configure button next to the wireless card, in this case the “Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Net”, to open the wireless card configuration utility. When this opens, it will look like the below, you will see a drop down in the upper right corner that allows you to choose either “Turn Wireless On” or “Turn Wireless Off”.
    Turn Wireless On - Intel Pro Wireless
    Set the drop down to “Turn Wireless On” and then click OK at the bottom of the window to save the new setting. Once saved click on “View Wireless Networks” to verify you now see wireless networks appearing. The Wireless Network Connection window should now look like the below.

You should now be able to connect to your wireless network without issue. You also may want to leave wireless off from time to time if you are plugged directly into your network using the LAN port on the laptop so you can save more of your laptop battery.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ask a question Report I forgot my yahoo password and security question [Solved/Closed]

Dear sir/mam

I forgot my yahoo password and security question..

there are store more data and important files

I tried and inserted this process more time but ?????

please help me....

Go to this page to contact customer care, you will eventually get to a form to fill :


Select password and sign in

Select forgot secret question

Click on password helper

Fill in the form

Good luck

Want to act with Shah Rukh Khan in Dubai for His Latest Movie?

Producers looking for extras for Bollywood superstar’s upcoming film to be shot in the city


Here’s proof that dreams are made in Dubai. It’s not everyday that you get a chance to star in a Shah Rukh Khan film — featuring Bollywood royals Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan and Boman Irani.

Today’s that day.

tabloid! can exclusively reveal that the Happy New Year team will be scouting the UAE for extras to feature in director Farah Khan’s next project.

“We are on the hunt for people belonging to different nationalities and various age groups for Happy New Year,” said Mini Sarma, of 7 Media, line producer of Happy New Year.

Anyone who wants to be an extra in the film, due to be shot in Dubai throughout September, should send a detailed biography to following Email Id  by early next week.


“All those who are energetic, love Bollywood and like rubbing shoulders with stars should apply before August 25. We will be finalising the names before the shoot begins. We will be needing quite a few people, so hurry,” said Sarma who’s assisting Farah Khan in her Dubai production. If you are lucky, you may even get to speak a line or two in the presence of King Khan.

tabloid! can also confirm that September will be the month of an epic Bollywood invasion. Stars including Bachchan, Irani, Jackie Shroff, Sonu Sood and Anuradha Menon (popularly known as Lola Kutty) will be joining the hit Chennai Express pair Shah Rukh Khan and Padukone on September 1 for the first leg of their Happy New Year shoot.
And the casting call is not the sole development on the Happy New Year front. Director Farah’s third collaboration with King Khan has gained momentum ever since she finalised her two prime locations. Industry insiders tell us that Farah has zeroed in on the expansive shopping destination, The Dubai Mall and Atlantis, The Palm to bring her story alive.
The shoot is likely to last 30 days and it’s being billed as the first Bollywood film in Dubai history to be shot from start to finish here. Currently, plans are also being chalked out to beef up security on the filming sets to ensure the smooth flow of filming and to ward off interruptions caused by frenzied fans.
“Dubai is going to witness one of the biggest Bollywood shoots soon. So it’s important that everything goes according to plan. With the help of Dubai Film & TV Commission we are making sure that all goes well,” added Sarma, who has assisted in several high-profile advertisement shoots and South Indian films in the past.
Produced by Shah Rukh’s Red Chillies Entertainment, Happy New Year has already nailed a casting coup since it reunites Padukone with her Chennai Express leading man, Shah Rukh. Together, they set the box office on fire and have earned the distinction of starring in the first Indian film to take in the covet Rs1 billion in the shortest time.
The big question now is if Happy New Year, filmed in Dubai, can smash their own record.
Though a tight lid is being kept on the storyline of Happy New Year, rumours are strong that it’s a going to be a comedy about five men who cannot dance, a Marathi-speaking girl with incredible dancing skills (Padukone), a villain (Jackie Shroff) and a dancing competition that they all wish to participate in. Choreographer-director Farah Khan, who is known to churn out crowd pleasers (a.k.a masala films) such as Om Shanti Om and Main Hoon Na with Shah Rukh Khan in the lead, prides herself in making films blends romance, action and colourful songs.
It may be too early to predict box office returns, but it’s clear that Dubai is pulling out all the stops to welcome Khan, one of Bollywood’s top earners.
In an interview with tabloid! in July, Dubai Film And TV Commission chairman Jamal Al Sharif said that his team had extended several incentives on catering, visa and hotel stays to the Happy New Year crew.
“Last year, I met [director] Farah Khan who wanted to know more about shooting in Dubai. I was like: ‘Farah, tell me what you want’. Also, for Shah Rukh, Dubai is like a second home and having him give Dubai this credibility is important to us” said Al Sharif.

 (Notes : all the names and logos used in this post are belongs to appropriate owners, if any complaint just mail to me.)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

FRING For Symbian Belle Latest Update (Nokia N8, C7, N701) by rafomac

FRING FOR Simbian Belle Latest Update (Nokia N8, C7, N701) by rafomac

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Angry Birds Full Version Free Download For PC and Mac

Are you looking for Angry Birds Free Download?

You are at the right place! Here you can download Angry Birds full version for pc free and get the latest info, cheat and walkthrough. Check it out and don’t forget to like this post!

Angry Birds Free Download For PC and Mac

To download Angry Birds Full Version Free you can click the link below to find the full game download link. If you found any dead links, please notify us so we can fix them immediately.
Direct Download Angry Birds Full Version Below:
Frostwire P2P Download Angry Birds PC Version (Fastest Option!):
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Angry Birds PC Version Details and Gameplay

Angry Birds Free Download For PC and Mac. In Angry Birds, avid gamers take care of a flock of multi-colored birds which can be looking to retrieve eggs which were stolen by a team of evil green pigs. On every degree, the pigs are sheltered by structures made from quite a few materials this sort of as wooden, ice and stone, and even the purpose in the sport will be to remove all the pigs inside the stage. Working with a slingshot, players kick off the birds utilizing the intent of potentially hitting the pigs straight or harmful the structures, which might cause them to collapse and ruin the pigs. In a number of phases with the video clip game, added objects this kind of as explosive crates and rocks are determined in the stages, and could be made use of coupled with the birds to damage hard-to-reach pigs.
Each and every stage commences with each of the variety, sorts, and buy of birds pre-determined. If every one of the pigs are defeated through the stage the final bird is employed, the phase is accomplished in addition since the adhering to stage is unlocked. Factors are scored for every pig defeated also as for harm to, or destruction of, constructions, and reward aspects are awarded for almost any unused birds. On finishing each and every stage, gamers acquire just one unique, two, or three stars, according for the score acquired. Men and women may re-attempt unlocked ranges to be a lot of moments since they want if you want to total them productively or to make more points and/or stars.
A simple, fun and entertaining game hits the public with a blast, literally was the objective of this new mini-game. Angry birds became popular on its release on the internet as a strategic puzzle game developed by a Finnish game developer the Rovio mobile.
It started out as a game released for the Apple Os back in 2009, and then continued with multiple release including angry birds pc version. The main frame of the game is that a player would slingshot these different wingless birds towards a group of pigs inside a framed building or house. With the added popularity of touch screen gadgets such as in cellular phones, android phones, tablets, etc., angry birds became the most crave for game in the market. Literally very simple to play, basically is a try to learn type of approach, the game has made people of all ages addicted to it.
Angry birds” is basically simple. A player is given a flock of birds as they call them, uses a giant slingshot with the birds used as load and calculates the path of the bird as it is released from the slingshot. Download angry birds and you will surely be into it, and crave for more levels to come. The uncertainty of the outcome of any attempt on releasing a bird from the slingshot makes the game unpredictable and compelling. The variety of moves a player can execute makes it interesting as what is the perfect move or projection to be made. Each stage is scored and converted into stars as corresponding to score the player obtained. It would be a pressure for a player to gain a perfect three stars on each level, but along with this pressure is the fun of coming up with bright ideas on claiming the top score.
A game for all ages, challenging but quite easy to understand, funny yet nail biting, and that is what the Angry Birds game is all about. As you progress with each scintillating stages, you get to try a whole new variety of birds to work on to complete upcoming stages. There are bulky Red birds which use their weight to bash through bricks and woods, the blue three headed bird which disassembles on your second click on the mouse as it is released, the speedy yellow bird which uses his added dash of speed to penetrate hard objects getting in the way, and many more varieties.
So, what are you waiting for my friends, try to download angry birds right now to experience the thrill of the game where people are currently talking about. It could be played by young ones for it does not resemble any violent interactions within its characters, for teens and middle age it would be a great past time as to ease out stress from school or work, elders could use it as a way of connecting with their grandchildren or children. As it is a perfect stress reliever, download angry birds now.
When you download angry birds, browse on the different scenarios it offers. However, different software developers had made some twitches and tried to replicate the game play of Angry Birds. Here, you can get free angry birds download  from a wide array of choices on which you can enjoy the game Angry Birds at your own phase. What are you waiting for? just download Angry Birds Download for PC by using the links above, and don’t forget to like this post on facebook :)

Trailer Video and Gameplay


Release Date and Platform

Angry Birds released in 4 January 2011 in multiple platform including 3DS, iPhone, Android, PSP, Palm Web OS, MAC, PC, and Windows Mobile


Here are some angry birds cheats we’ve found! credits to uploader on youtube.
Angry Birds Golden Egg Location Video:


Walkthrough for Angry Birds is not available yet. We are still compiling all the information. The Angry Birds walkthrough will be done on separate post. Please bookmark this post and check back later.


We’ve compiled some of the Angry Birds reviews from some top gaming site if you’re still not so sure about downloading the games, you can read it below:
Angry Birds IGN Reviews –> Read Here
Angry Birds Gamespot Reviews –> Read Here
Angry Birds 1Up Reviews –> Read Here

Best Alternative to Skype: 3 Free Apps That Bring Better Audio/Visual Quality

When it comes to audio or video communication through the Internet, Skype is the one that most people have heard of and are using. However, other than Skype, there are other similar services that also provide audio/video communication features. In this article, we will look into some free apps which offer better audio/video communication than Skype.


VSee is a video conferencing and screen sharing service which works very similar to Skype. VSee uses less bandwidth and offers higher quality video and audio as compared to Skype. The greatest advantage of VSee over any other video communication service is that the users can share their screen with other users and use annotation tools for meetings and discussions.
The free version of VSee supports only one screen share per day with unlimited group video calls.


ooVoo tries to give the user a lot more options mainly for video communication. ooVoo provides high quality video and audio experience for the user. The user can see videos in full screen mode making good use of the screen real estate. Probably the biggest features of ooVoo, which also differentiate it with other competitors, are video call recording and video messaging.
With ooVoo, users are able to send video messages to each other while recording live conversations. Another exciting feature of ooVoo is the watch together feature. With watch together, the users are able to watch movies together while remotely connected to each other.
The free version of ooVoo allows up to 12 people to connect to each other in a group call.


Viber first started as a free mobile voice call service, and has recently venture into the desktop market as well. It is now available for Windows and Mac alongside the various mobile platforms that it supports. The biggest advantage of Viber is that once you are connected to it from your mobile, all your contacts in the phone are added to your Viber account and you can access them right from the desktop too.

Other similar apps

If none of the above three interest you, here are more alternatives to Skype that you can use.
Google Hangouts – Especially useful for group video calls. Each member needs to have Google ID in order to log into Google Hangouts.
UberConference – A specialized conferencing service with social integration.
Tokbox – A highly configurable tool for website owners who want to integrate video communication right inside their own websites.
Jitsi – A good alternative to Skype as well as various instant messaging apps.
Voxox – An all in one communications app that comes with integrated faxing service.
Facetime – Facetime can be termed as the Skype for Mac. Apple offers Facetime service which is compatible and free only for Mac/iPhone users.
Tinychat - A very simple service with no registration required. Provides video conferencing up to 12 people at a time.


While there are tons of alternatives to Skype, you may not have heard of them. Hopefully this list of apps and services can give you a better insight of the various voice/video call apps that you can use and not limiting yourself to only one choice.
Which is your favorite app or service for audio/video communication?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

(SIMPLEST METHOD) IP subnetting made easy By Rafomac

IP network engineers need a solid understanding of how IP subnetting works--yet the subject is often taught so poorly, students wind up completely baffled. RAFOMAC has developed a simple, graphical approach that explains IP subnetting in a way that finally makes sense.
IP subnetting is a fundamental subject that's critical for any IP network engineer to understand, yet students have traditionally had a difficult time grasping it. Over the years, I've watched students needlessly struggle through school and in practice when dealing with subnetting because it was never explained to them in an easy-to-understand way. I've helped countless individuals learn what subnetting is all about using my own graphical approach and calculator shortcuts, and I've put all that experience into this article.

IP addresses and subnets

Although IP stands for Internet Protocol, it's a communications protocol used from the smallest private network to the massive global Internet. An IP address is a unique identifier given to a single device on an IP network. The IP address consists of a 32-bit number that ranges from 0 to 4294967295. This means that theoretically, the Internet can contain approximately 4.3 billion unique objects. But to make such a large address block easier to handle, it was chopped up into four 8-bit numbers, or "octets," separated by a period. Instead of 32 binary base-2 digits, which would be too long to read, it's converted to four base-256 digits. Octets are made up of numbers ranging from 0 to 255. The numbers below show how IP addresses increment.
...increment 252 hosts...
...increment 252 hosts...
...increment 4+ billion hosts...

The word subnet is short for sub network--a smaller network within a larger one. The smallest subnet that has no more subdivisions within it is considered a single "broadcast domain," which directly correlates to a single LAN (local area network) segment on an Ethernet switch. The broadcast domain serves an important function because this is where devices on a network communicate directly with each other's MAC addresses, which don't route across multiple subnets, let alone the entire Internet. MAC address communications are limited to a smaller network because they rely on ARP broadcasting to find their way around, and broadcasting can be scaled only so much before the amount of broadcast traffic brings down the entire network with sheer broadcast noise. For this reason, the most common smallest subnet is 8 bits, or precisely a single octet, although it can be smaller or slightly larger.
Subnets have a beginning and an ending, and the beginning number is always even and the ending number is always odd. The beginning number is the "Network ID" and the ending number is the "Broadcast ID." You're not allowed to use these numbers because they both have special meaning with special purposes. The Network ID is the official designation for a particular subnet, and the ending number is the broadcast address that every device on a subnet listens to. Anytime you want to refer to a subnet, you point to its Network ID and its subnet mask, which defines its size. Anytime you want to send data to everyone on the subnet (such as a multicast), you send it to the Broadcast ID. Later in this article, I'll show you an easy mathematical and graphical way to determine the Network and Broadcast IDs.

The graphical subnet ruler

Over the years, as I watched people struggle with the subject of IP subnetting, I wanted a better way to teach the subject. I soon realized that many students in IT lacked the necessary background in mathematics and had a hard time with the concept of binary numbers. To help close this gap, I came up with the graphical method of illustrating subnets shown in Figure A. In this example, we're looking at a range of IP addresses from up to Note that the ending IP of itself is actually the beginning of the next subnet. This network range ends at the number right before it, which is
Figure A
Note that for every bit increase, the size of the subnet doubles in length, along with the number of hosts. The smallest tick mark represents 8 bits, which contains a subnet with 256 hosts--but since you can't use the first and last IP addresses, there are actually only 254 usable hosts on the network. The easiest way to compute how many usable hosts are in a subnet is to raise 2 to the power of the bit size minus 2. Go up to 9 bits ,and we're up to 510 usable hosts, because 2 to the 9th is 512, and we don't count the beginning and ending. Keep on going all the way up to 13 bits, and we're up to 8,190 usable hosts for the entire ruler shown above.

Learning to properly chop subnets

Subnets can be subdivided into smaller subnets and even smaller ones still. The most important thing to know about chopping up a network is that you can't arbitrarily pick the beginning and ending. The chopping must be along clean binary divisions. The best way to learn this is to look at my subnet ruler and see what's a valid subnet. In Figure B, green subnets are valid and red subnets are not.
Figure B
The ruler was constructed like any other ruler, where we mark it down the middle and bisect it. Then, we bisect the remaining sections and with shrinking markers every time we start a new round of bisecting. In the sample above, there were five rounds of bisections. If you look carefully at the edge of any valid (green) subnet blocks, you'll notice that none of the markers contained within the subnet is higher than the edge's markers. There is a mathematical reason for this, which we'll illustrate later, but seeing it graphically will make the math easier to understand.

The role of the subnet mask

The subnet mask plays a crucial role in defining the size of a subnet. Take a look at Figure C. Notice the pattern and pay special attention to the numbers in red. Whenever you're dealing with subnets, it will come in handy to remember eight special numbers that reoccur when dealing with subnet masks. They are 255, 254, 252, 248, 240, 224, 192, and 128. You'll see these numbers over and over again in IP networking, and memorizing them will make your life much easier.
Figure C
I've included three class sizes. You'll see the first two classes, with host bit length from 0 to 16, most often. It's common for DSL and T1 IP blocks to be in the 0- to 8-bit range. Private networks typically work in the 8- to 24-bit range.
Note how the binary mask has all those zeros growing from right to left. The subnet mask in binary form always has all ones to the left and all zeros to the right. The number of zeros is identical to the subnet length. I showed only the portion of the binary subnet in the octet that's interesting, since all octets to the right consist of zeros and all octets to the left consist of ones. So if we look at the subnet mask where the subnet length is 11 bits long, the full binary subnet mask is 11111111.11111111.11111000.00000000. As you can see under mask octet, the subnet mask transitions from 1 to 0 in the third octet. The particular binary subnet mask translates directly to base-256 form as

The "mask" in subnet mask

The subnet mask not only determines the size of a subnet, but it can also help you pinpoint where the end points on the subnet are if you're given any IP address within that subnet. The reason it's called a subnet "mask" is that it literally masks out the host bits and leaves only the Network ID that begins the subnet. Once you know the beginning of the subnet and how big it is, you can determine the end of the subnet, which is the Broadcast ID.
To calculate the Network ID, you simply take any IP address within that subnet and run the AND operator on the subnet mask. Let's take an IP address of and a subnet mask of Note that this can be and often is written in shorthand as because the subnet mask length is 21. Figure D and Figure E show the Decimal and Binary versions of the AND operation.
Figure D
Decimal math
Figure E
Binary math
The binary version shows how the 0s act as a mask on the IP address on top. Inside the masking box, the 0s convert all numbers on top into zeros, no matter what the number is. When you take the resultant binary Network ID and convert it to decimal, you get as the Network ID.
One thing that's always bothered me about the way subnetting is taught is that students are not shown a simple trick to bypass the need for binary conversions when doing AND operations. I even see IT people in the field using this slow and cumbersome technique to convert everything to binary, run the AND operation, and then convert back to decimal using the Windows Calculator. But there's a really simple shortcut using the Windows Calculator, since the AND operator works directly on decimal numbers. Simply punch in 237, hit the AND operator, and then 248 and [Enter] to instantly get 232, as shown in Figure F. I'll never understand why this isn't explained to students, because it makes mask calculations a lot easier.
Figure F
Since there are 11 zeros in the subnet mask, the subnet is 11 bits long. This means there are 2^11, or 2,048, maximum hosts in the subnet and the last IP in this subnet is You could compute this quickly by seeing there are three zeros in the third octet, which means the third octet of the IP address can have a variance of 2^3, or 8. So the next subnet starts at 10.20.232+8.0, which is If we decrease that by 1, we have, which is where this subnet ends. To help you visualize this, Figure G shows it on my subnet ruler.
Figure G

IP classes made simple

For an arbitrary classification of IP subnets, the creators of the Internet chose to break the Internet into multiple classes. Note that these aren't important as far as your subnet calculations are concerned; this is just how the Internet is "laid out." The Internet is laid out as Class A, B, C, D, and E. Class A uses up the first half of the entire Internet, Class B uses half of the remaining half, Class C uses the remaining half again, Class D (Multicasting) uses up the remaining half again, and whatever is left over is reserved for Class E. I've had students tell me that they struggled with the memorization of IP classes for weeks until they saw this simple table shown in Figure H. This is because you don't actually need to memorize anything, you just learn the technique for constructing the ruler using half of what's available.
Figure H
Remember that all subnets start with EVEN numbers and all subnet endings are ODD. Note that ( to isn't used and ( to is reserved for loopback addresses.
All Class A addresses have their first octet between 1 to 126 because 0 and 127 are reserved. Class A subnets are all 24 bits long, which means the subnet mask is only 8 bits long. For example, we have the entire subnet owned by GE, since GE was lucky enough to get in early to be assigned 16.8 million addresses. The U.S. Army owns Level 3 Communications owns IBM owns AT&T owns Xerox owns HP owns and Apple owns
All Class B addresses have their first octet between 128 and 191. Class B subnets are all 16 bits long, which means the subnet masks are 16 bits long. For example, BBN Communications owns, which is to Carnegie Mellon University owns
All Class C addresses have their first octet between 192 and 223. Class C subnets are all 8 bits long, so the subnet mask is only 24 bits long. Note that ARIN (the organization that assigns Internet addresses) will sell blocks of four Class C addresses only to individual companies and you have to really justify why you need 1,024 Public IP addresses. If you need to run BGP so you can use multiple ISPs for redundancy, you have to have your own block of IP addresses. Also note that this isn't the old days, where blocks of 16.8 million Class A addresses were handed out for basically nothing. You have to pay an annual fee for your block of 1,024 addresses with a subnet mask of /22, or
The concept of subnet classes can cause harm in actual practice. I've actually seen people forget to turn classes off in their old Cisco router and watch large subnet routes get hijacked on a large WAN configured for dynamic routing whenever some routes were added. This is because a Cisco router will assume the subnet mask is the full /8 or /16 or /24 even if you define something in between. All newer Cisco IOS software versions turn off the concept of subnet classes and uses classless routing by default. This is done with the default command "IP Classless."

Public versus private IP addresses

Besides the reserved IP addresses ( and mentioned above, there are other addresses not used on the public Internet. These private subnets consist of private IP addresses and are usually behind a firewall or router that performs NAT (network address translation). NAT is needed because private IP addresses are nonroutable on the public Internet, so they must be translated into public IP addresses before they touch the Internet. Private IPs are never routed because no one really owns them. And since anyone can use them, there's no right place to point a private IP address to on the public Internet. Private IP addresses are used in most LAN and WAN environments, unless you're lucky enough to own a Class A or at least a Class B block of addresses, in which case you might have enough IPs to assign internal and external IP addresses.
The following blocks of IP addresses are allocated for private networks:
  •  ( to
  •  ( to
  •  ( to
  •  ( to*
*Note that is a block of private IP addresses used for random self IP assignment where DHCP servers are not available. is normally used for larger networks, since there are approximately 16.8 million IP addresses available within that block. They chop it up into lots of smaller groups of subnets for each geographic location, which are then subdivided into even smaller subnets. Smaller companies typically use the range, chopped up into smaller subnets, although there's no reason they can't use if they want to. Home networks typically use a /24 subnet within the subnet.
The use of private IP addresses and NAT has prolonged the life of IPv4 for the foreseeable future because it effectively allows a single public IP address to represent thousands of private IP addresses. At the current rate that IPv4 addresses are handed out, we have enough IPv4 addresses for approximately 17 years. ARIN is much more stingy now about handing them out, and small blocks of IP addresses are relatively expensive compared to the old days, when companies like Apple were simply handed a block of 16.8 million addresses. The next version of IP addresses, called IPv6, is 128 bits long--and there are more than 79 thousand trillion trillion times more IP addresses than IPv4. Even if you assigned 4.3 billion people on the planet with 4.3 billion IP addresses each, you would still have more than 18 million trillion IPv6 addresses left!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Too many pattern attempts problem on Huawei Sonic

Pattern lock is a kind of lock in which you have to draw image by connecting adjacent circles. You can browse your mobile only when you make right pattern. In case you draw wrong pattern ,you are asked to redraw the pattern.

[Image: pattern-attempts.jpg]

If you add wrong pattern for more than 20 times then your phone get locked. Now you can’t try new pattern or use any other feature of mobile phone. Even you can’t make any call.In this case your phone is totally locked.

First Solution for Too Many Pattern Attempts

First solution is to use Google account associated with mobile.You need to log in into your Google account and then you can disable or change the pattern lock. Internet (mobile data) on your mobile should be working otherwise you need access to WiFi to do that. If your mobile is not connecting with internet then you have to go for second solution.

[Image: pattern-attempts1.jpg]

Second Solution if you can’t access your Google Account

1. Press and hold the correct keys to boot the device into recovery mode. This will vary from device to device. Here are some examples:

  • Nexus 7: Volume Up + Volume Down + Power
  • Samsung Galaxy S3: Volume Up + Home + Power
  • Motorola Droid X: Home + Power
  • Devices With Camera Buttons: Volume Up + Camera
Similar devices will likely use similar key combinations. For example, the Nexus 4 also uses Volume Up + Volume Down + Power.

If your device isn’t on this list and none of the above methods work, do a Google search for the name of your device and “recovery mode” – or look in the device’s manual or support pages.

Release the buttons when the device powered on. You’ll see an image of an Android lying on its back with its chest open and its internals revealed.

[Image: pattern-attempts2.jpg]

2. Press the Volume Up and Volume Down keys to scroll through the options until you see Recovery mode on the screen.

[Image: pattern-attempts3.jpg]

3. Press the Power button to restart into recovery mode. You’ll soon see an Android with a red triangle.

[Image: pattern-attempts4.jpg]

4. Hold down the Power button and tap Volume Up. You’ll see the Android system recovery menu appear at the top of your screen.

[Image: pattern-attempts5.jpg]

5. Select wipe data / factory reset with the volume keys and tap the Power button to activate it.Select Yes – erase all user data with the volume buttons and tap Power. Your device will be reset to its factory state and all your data will be erased.

[Image: pattern-attempts6.jpg]

6. If your device freezes at any point, hold down the Power button until it restarts.

(DOWNLOAD) Chennai Express 2013 Full Movie 2012 DVDRip - x264 - AAC - [rafomac]

 Released  Aug 08, 2013
Plot Rahul embarks on a journey to a small town in Tamil Nadu to fulfill the last wish of his grandfather: to have his ashes immersed in the Holy water of Rameshwaram. En route, he meets a woman hailing from a unique family down South. As they find love through this journey in the exuberant lands of South India, an unanticipated drive awaits them.
Duration 2:21 hrs

(SOLUTION) Too Many Pattern Attempts Android Tablet and Mobile Phone

Android is most popular operating system for mobiles.This Operating System is designed by Google and is available for free.Smart phone making companies are using Android as their mobile phone operating system.This system has benefit of thousands of free applications available over Google Play.A common problem which mobile users are facing is that their mobile is locked after too many wrong pattern attempts.
Pattern Lock in Android Mobile
Pattern Lock in Android Mobile
Most of users lock their mobile by using pattern lock.Pattern lock is a kind of lock in which you have to draw image by connecting  adjacent circles.You can browse your mobile only when you make right pattern.In case you draw wrong pattern ,you are asked to redraw the pattern.
If you add wrong pattern for more than 20 times then your phone get locked.Now you can’t try new pattern or use any other feature of mobile phone.Even you can’t make any call.In this case your phone is totally locked.

Solution for Too Many Pattern Attempts

If you have attempted wrong pattern many times and your phone is locked ,then there are following solutions:-
First solution is to use Google account associated with mobile.You need to log in into your Google account and then you can disable or change the pattern lock.Internet (mobile data) on your mobile should be working otherwise you need access to WiFi to do that.If  your mobile is not connecting with internet then you have to go for second solution.
Too Many Pattern Attempts
Too Many Pattern Attempts
If WiFi or mobile data is Off on your mobile then you can’t authenticate online to unlock your device.You can enable WiFi as well as mobile data by connecting your mobile with Android Debug Bridge (ADB). This method requires USB Debugging feature enabled which is under ‘Developer options’ of your device.
Second solution to overcome “Too Many Pattern Attempts” problem is to format the mobile device.You need to make hard reset of your mobile to overcome pattern lock problem.For most of the Android devices ,you can hard reset the device by pressing POWER + VOLUME + HOME button simultaneously.Please remember that all your data (images ,music files , videos and contacts saved in mobile ) will lost during hard reset and your phone will be restored to factory setting.
Let me know if you didn’t find hard reset code/method for your mobile.I will find it for you.
Third solution is to use desktop app.You need to know username and password of Google account associated with your mobile device.Name of the app  is Screen Lock Bypass Pro. You can download it in Google store.Install this app on your device and you can bypass the pattern lock.
 Steps to Bypass Pattern Lock Using Android Debug Bridge (ADB)
You can bypass pattern lock using ADB.For this method to work ,you need USB debugging mode enabled.By default this feature is enabled automatically.
Connect your device to computer with the help of USB cable and issue following command through ADB
adb shell
rm /data/system/gesture.key
Reboot your android device and now supply following commands
adb shell
cd /data/data/­s/databases
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name=’lock_pattern_autolock’;
update system set value=0 where name=’lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently’;
Restart your device.
You have done.It will accept any pattern lock now.Let me know if you got any error.

Still Not OK...????

Just Try this But....It will delete all data in your Device....
cd adb package
adb shell
wipe data

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Enable “Group Policy Editor” (gpedit.msc) in Windows 7 Home Premium, Home Basic and Starter Editions?

Many times we post tutorials which require Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc). But some Windows 7 editions (Home Premium, Home Basic and Starter) don't come with Group Policy Editor. Only Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions come with Group Policy Editor installed.
Today we are going to share a simple installer which installs the required system files in Windows so that you can enjoy Group Policy Editor in all Windows 7 editions.

"jwils876" @ DA has shared a small setup file to enable Group Policy Editor in Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium editions.
The installer has been originally created by "davehc" @ Windows7forums, so thanks goes to him as well.
First download the setup file using following link:
Download Group Policy Editor Installer
Its a ZIP file, extract it using WinRAR or 7-Zip. Run the extracted setup.exe file. It'll install the files and you'll be able to access gpedit.msc command via RUN or Start Menu search box.
NOTE 1: For Windows 7 64-bit (x64) users! You'll also need to go to "SysWOW64" folder present in "C:\Windows" folder and copy "GroupPolicy", "GroupPolicyUsers" folders and gpedit.msc file from there and paste them in "C:\Windows\System32" folder.
NOTE 2: If you are getting "MMC could not create the snap-in" error message while running gpedit.msc, check out following steps to fix the problem. Basically it happens when your username in Windows contains more than one word.
1. Run the installer and leave it at the last step (do not click on the "Finish" button).
2. Now go to C:\Windows\Temp\gpedit\ folder.
3. If you are running 32-bit (x86) edition of Windows 7, right-click on x86.bat file and choose "Open With -> Notepad" option. If you are running 64-bit (x64) edition of Windows 7, right-click on x64.bat file and choose "Open With -> Notepad" option.
4. You'll find a total of 6 lines containing the following string in the file:
5. Edit those lines and replace %username%:f with "%username%":f
For example:
Original: icacls %WinDir%\SysWOW64\gpedit.dll /grant:r %username%:f
New: icacls %WinDir%\SysWOW64\gpedit.dll /grant:r "%username%":f
6. Save and run the file (right-click -> Run as Administrator).
7. That's it. You'll have working gpedit.msc.