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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Install Windows XP in an Un-Supported Computer

This method apply for most compaq model that didn't support Windows XP.

To install windows XP in unsupported model (HP and Compaq Mostly, you need to intergrate sata driver with windows XP installation disk means you will create a new XP CD.

I suggest you read the entire post and repeat the reading during installation so you can get the picture of the whole installation process.

Material needed:

1.Nlite Software: Download Here

2. Windows XP CD

3.Empty CDR



You need to get the right sata driver, if not you XP installation will failed.

To choose the right sata driver FOLLOW THIS GUIDE HERE.



1. create a new folder and name it as "WINXP" or any name you like, copy all the content in your xp installation disk (explore cd and press ctrl+A) and paste it in the new folder you just created.

2.Extract the SATA Driver you downloaded.


For Intel follow this guide to extract it.


for amd extarct sp40046 to a folder and use files in RAID7xx folder


3. Intsall Nlite and run it. On the first screen just click next.

4. Now locate/browse to the folder "WINXP" you created.

5.Next and you will come to "Presets", ignore this and click "Next".

6. In "Task Selection", choose "Drivers" and "Bootable ISO" by high-lighting them.

7. For Intel select single driver

For amd select multiple driver

8. For intel Browse to the SATA driver folder which you extracted earlier(I named it "Floppy32Bit") and select either one of the .INF file, i suggest "iaahci.inf".

-For AMD browse to raid 7xx, slect x86 and select the inf files.


9) A screen like below will pop-up, make sure it's "Textmode driver" and select all of them by holding CTRL+A key and choose "OK", the pictures below for intel installation.

If you arrive at this step for installation its similar for both amd and intel.

10) You shall see something like this. Choose "Next" and you will be prompted.

11) Choose "Yes" to start the process.

12) Let it finish and choose "Next".

13) Finally, you can create your project as ISO image or burn it directly to CD-R under "Mode". choose "Direct Burn". You can put anything for "Label" but not too long. Choose "Burn" and you will be prompted again. You can also choose to create iso to burn using software such as nero.

14) Choose "Yes" to burn it to CD-R. Wait for it to finish and choose "Next"

15) Choose "Finish" to exit nLite.

Additional notes.

-If your slipstreaming process unsuccessful, you can repeat the process but create a new folder and DO NOT USE THE SAME FOLDER.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Download Windows 7 MUI Language Packs (Official 32-bit and 64-bit Direct Download Links)

Microsoft has released MUI (Multilingual User Interface) language packs for Windows 7 RTM. The Windows 7 language packs is available via Windows Update as optional update for Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise editions only.

According to, all language packs, except Traditional Chinese for Taiwan for Windows 7, for both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) versions is now available for free download.

Windows 7 RTM x86 and x65 MUI language packs in DVD ISO format were leaked earlier from MSDN and TechNet Subscriber Downloads. User who prefers to download all language packs for Windows 7 via BitTorrent (BT), torrent is available for the MSND or TechNet DVD ISO versions.
Do take note that if too many additional language packs are installed, the disk space and system performance can be affected. In particular, disk space and system performance are affected during servicing operations, such as Service Pack installations, according to KB972813. Therefore, it’s recommended to only add a language pack to computer only if the language will be used.

Windows Update will always display all language packs that are available. Any unwanted language packs can be made hidden in Windows Update. To hide unwanted language packs in Windows Update, click on the Windows 7 Ultimate Language Packs category (to highlight and hide all remaining language packs) or click on and highlight individual language pack (to hide language packs one by one) in the Select the updates you want to install page, and then right-click the highlighted updates, and then select Hide update.
User who wants to download the MUI language packs for Windows 7 only from official source, here’s the direct download links for both 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) Windows 7 MUI language packs from Microsoft’s Windows Update server.
Download Official 32-bit (x86) Windows 7 RTM MUI Language Packs
Arabic: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-ar-sa_210ccc96338a1ff683803eb4034e5f53d6d54c97.exe

Bulgarian: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-bg-bg_2e5d91b00775e0f974d4ec213fc20d470ff6850e.exe

Chinese (Simplified): windows6.1-kb972813-x86-zh-cn_ab024143b556395e6638e26712b1e0f3bc031fcf.exe

Chinese (Traditional): windows6.1-kb972813-x86-zh-hk_90617b75cfaab716a43e7c082b00490a6d475376.exe

Croatian: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-hr-hr_d8a4131aee5d5de039a3a0dc517ca0c07ebc3472.exe

Czech: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-cs-cz_2759680ec6e2f4a7629c7d02b1fbce0a0d410a4e.exe

Danish: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-da-dk_e1c57a4dcbd336ac73e349a9bb9d30de17ac093f.exe

Dutch: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-nl-nl_194a2ca7b589e77b0be73b822f77760823183c51.exe

English: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-en-us_22ee3397a02372681b375ddabf6ffa33662fd500.exe

Estonia: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-et-ee_3a99769fac5d6a11e6616297f842a9074c045699.exe

Finnish: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-fi-fi_dd1973cc63ab7dea0e5d660af06869a8beefe36a.exe

French: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-fr-fr_1878fd391b990054787a14b0db4a5db00b793bf1.exe

German: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-de-de_1b86ff9b8f4c517dd341d76f24c74399278b05fc.exe

Greek: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-el-gr_1f366d5e4fbde7df89b106821236fc1d3b3c9230.exe

Hebrew: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-he-il_a3d6a6ae858f33ffa11a14c2a966e6603c134ef9.exe

Hungarian: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-hu-hu_12feb47da4bb28f60b6a30d379044356581c20f8.exe

Italian: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-it-it_079a3afeb88f14d24a3b4204812225e78c2e0bb8.exe

Japanese: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-ja-jp_08758c23cc64a53949072d53dd7bf6bbc8b45420.exe

Korean: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-ko-kr_bb2de1652c37394be4de87438661b129f8b56908.exe

Latvian: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-lv-lv_8b7a0b361dd37f7cd3926f798a79a90d378b18b2.exe

Lithuanian: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-lt-lt_7aee9ce232cb46701f479fafdb0aea369ce1ad6a.exe

Norwegian: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-nb-no_d65ea89195cf5f7d3170ccb1db7bae3c157f5b24.exe

Polish: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-pl-pl_9199018040692bc732a590e9b092a18120d326b2.exe

Portuguese (Brazil): windows6.1-kb972813-x86-pt-br_0a3fe79820d6d199dd43495d4efa5c40f270e45a.exe

Portuguese (Portugal): windows6.1-kb972813-x86-pt-pt_4165bd9cd083abd8ddd81986e18b1fd86aab5ce9.exe

Romanian: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-ro-ro_e1c324236046eb608e478570cf4396776ff02a72.exe

Russian: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-ru-ru_f4df4bcb8d3194323f17a086a17f46dd0c9c492a.exe

Serbian (Latin): windows6.1-kb972813-x86-sr-latn-cs_6e049bae4d75b82405b28455e2def0a0d0055a9c.exe

Slovak: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-sk-sk_dd2ce36a7e94fceff650cb892b8c954b8af6025a.exe

Slovenian: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-sl-si_17786270766d556ba9bf3693762cb98805df9f50.exe

Spanish: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-es-es_1943a073d8f00e387301deb22cd177bf77319ee8.exe

Swedish: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-sv-se_687085e8bbdf9c17a668b801f28f7f9c74e7a86a.exe

Thai: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-th-th_780885dd42c039d9926ac004c76ba3ba9c30c6d0.exe

Turkish: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-tr-tr_13015cb75811f874c83fdd679beb4c22c930a57c.exe

Ukrainian: windows6.1-kb972813-x86-uk-ua_0a467bf14bc4f524c18877f570a20c58e91ceba9.exe
Download Official 64-bit (x64) Windows 7 RTM MUI Language Packs
Arabic: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-ar-sa_aaac936bd625c12b607dffea19fab8be9cfa28f6.exe

Bulgarian: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-bg-bg_155634f17868659db4b65cfeff57059b2436515f.exe

Chinese (Simplified): windows6.1-kb972813-x64-zh-cn_a649e9af1e28514d48bdc51f7956be08060e54bc.exe

Chinese (Traditional): windows6.1-kb972813-x64-zh-hk_d428bc1cca4aea20163936e6687221c0e6b99ec4.exe

Croatian: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-hr-hr_06468f799a1c1f295bc3abbc85c14116e2645122.exe

Czech: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-cs-cz_f136df3188c54ff234ca77253fee2cf3e91966b7.exe

Danish: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-da-dk_2b7590d389ca96af6f367408150cb6bc9aa8f4b4.exe

Dutch: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-nl-nl_2ac14543f6e46c61ae226d7f0f5aee7f4d500e9f.exe

English: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-en-us_483a3e51038f1a369bc5b5cdf5fc32df3ea4ad27.exe

Estonian: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-et-ee_3c0479d7049109bcb42fd9ec59d1c65449704687.exe

Finnish: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-fi-fi_4378f72d1233b00e2bdfc680a13f62ae11ab0fcb.exe

French: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-fr-fr_0e50cd2ea794e4cdfac861b194d2e996b7bbc8d8.exe

German: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-de-de_399ac15b2d55fd5dea0770d98825d7e75f4ad533.exe

Greek: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-el-gr_9ae588ba70896f9100a10cb8ed68a79678d6fc32.exe

Hebrew: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-he-il_86c22105bb32269c9c0deaf2710fcb1531a29817.exe

Hungarian: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-hu-hu_e5c47bffe398b9ace42d4326de2646a6172d39b5.exe

Italian: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-it-it_3f0f5d78202e074e17a495beec821e1d326a8e2a.exe

Japanese: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-ja-jp_9d73b1c1270deacbe7a2329559476a94daddb848.exe

Korean: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-ko-kr_e6b3322c3865cfd328d84376e192c4f9d41aa0e6.exe

Latvian: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-lv-lv_70c1f8bda213f20aea07e46a6c9ed976f0d151ce.exe

Lithuanian: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-lt-lt_ede5a878aae2b0d64e81ff739e950b6f105df580.exe

Norwegian: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-nb-no_1b7f93a0906a62eecd6b200979f8df986a7556f1.exe

Polish: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-pl-pl_6b228326c2f7ef6406242671600b499746ff3454.exe

Portuguese (Brazil): windows6.1-kb972813-x64-pt-br_276b65f3b6b2657c8fe936f9841dc1243e02dc7b.exe

Portuguese (Portugal): windows6.1-kb972813-x64-pt-pt_f8310aa4a73841aec29b3f4e74ecaece56b695e9.exe

Romanian: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-ro-ro_810f2d590dd5aac92561eea5884ed1c70f34dbd9.exe

Russian: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-ru-ru_f0acfc688d609ee45d43cc60c6412a3071a665bd.exe

Serbian (Latin): windows6.1-kb972813-x64-sr-latn-cs_275e0a17cbec543aa1bd7eebc883a1d21c11b514.exe

Slovak: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-sk-sk_15f397de2ceaaff8dbfe670bcc6c013791a297c3.exe

Slovenian: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-sl-si_8cfc82e0d15ed94634d3da69674008dc56755b93.exe

Spanish: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-es-es_2e593c26d9e23ad8176224a53c68a04f996ee014.exe

Swedish: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-sv-se_1f4c415e0f4ca77064d597975f6ac7a9e0b8af63.exe

Thai: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-th-th_080c8631d44a53c34ffdab8fd73820572dd87be4.exe

Turkish: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-tr-tr_6bd6660158289e0b5d4b5a7f7fded6e3528a9a04.exe

Ukrainian: windows6.1-kb972813-x64-uk-ua_c6c4e44c9d903049a4c60fed9d42effa18f345bd.exe
After downloading the Windows 7 language packs, run the .EXE executable file to extract the .CAB language pack (LP) cabinet file. Then, follow the guide to install language pack in Windows 7, and guide to change display language on Windows 7 user interface and welcome screen.

Update: Windows 7 SP1 Language Packs (MUI)
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Main Yahaan Hoon - Veer Zaara Lyrics Translation

Hindi Lyrics Translation

Main Yahaan Hoon

Here is the song 'Main Yahaan Hoon' from movie 'Veer Zaara'.

Movie : Veer Zaara
Song : Main Yahaan Hoon

Jaanam, dekh lo, mit gayi dooriyaan
Darling, look around; the distance between us is dispelled.

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan..
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, here!

(Jaanam, dekh lo, mit gayi dooriyaan
Darling, look around; the distance between us is dispelled.

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan) -2
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, here!

Kaisi, sarhadein, kaisi majbooriyaan
What borders are there now? What obstacles?

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, here.

Tum chhupa na sakogi main woh raaz hoon
I'm the secret that you can't hide;

Tum bhoola na sakogi woh andaaz hoon
I'm the impulse that you can't forget.

Goonjta hoon jo dil mein toh hairaan ho kyun
When I echo in your heart, why are you surprised?

Main tumhaare hi dil ki toh awaaz hoon
I'm your heart's very voice.

Sun sako, toh suno, dhadkanon ki zabaan
If you can hear it, then listen to the language of your heartbeat.

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, here.

Kaisi, sarhadein, kaisi majbooriyaan
What borders are there now? What obstacles?

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, here.

Main hi main ab tumhaare khayaalon mein hoon
Now I and only I occupy your thoughts;

Main jawaabon mein hoon, main sawaalon mein hoon
I'm in the answers you receive and the questions you ask.

Main tumhaare har ek khwaab mein hoon basa
I'm at the center of every one of your dreams;

Main tumhaari nazar ke ujaalon mein hoon
I'm the light that shines from your eyes.

Dekhti, ho mujhe, dekhti ho jahaan
Wherever you look, you see me;

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, here.

Jaanam, dekh lo, mit gayi dooriyaan
Darling, look around; the distance between us is dispelled.

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, here!

Kaisi sarhadein, kaisi majbooriyaan
What borders are there now? What obstacles?

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, here.

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, here.

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