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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Desktop Icon Text Highlighted -- Adding and Removal

May Be Some People Got Desturbed By Highlighting Desktop Icons Text in their Computer, Espicially Windows XP user, But Some People Like Highlighting, Any way Now i am Going to tell you How to Add Highlighting, i am Posting this Because of My Friend Geoffrey Bourne asked me about That.... So Lets Start..

Steps To Add Highlighting Desktop icon text

1. Click on Start
1. Choose Control Panel
2. Click on System Icon
3. Choose the "Advanced" tab, click "Settings" under "Performance"
4. Under the "Visual Effects" tab I Chose (checked) Use Drop Shadows for Icon Labels
5. Click OK


1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
2. Click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System.
3. On the Advanced tab, click Settings under Performance.
4. Click to clear the Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop check box,
Click Apply, and then click OK two times.
5. Close Control Panel

If u want Remove Just Do Opposit (Just check that option)

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