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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get back Old Facebook Chat ?

Get Old Facebook Chat Back

Facebook has introduced new facebook chat interface. But it is a bit complex and not as good as the old one. Here i will show you how to get old facebook chat back. This trick will work only for firefox, chrome and opera.

  • Click according to your browser as shown in the image. After clicking it install the extension in your browser and restart your browser.

  • Open facebook after restarting your browser.

  • After opening facebook, you will see the screen as below.

  • Select  the options as shown in the image. You will get these options selected by default, if not then select it manually as shown in the figure.

  • And that's it! You will get the old facebook chat as shown in the image.

If you like this plz share this with your friends and help them to get old facebook chat back.

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