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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boldbeast Call Recorder Cracked - No Beep Sound Symbian^3(N8/E7/E6/C7/C6/X7) & S60(C5/X6/5800/5530/5230/5235 etc) by Rafomac

Boldbeast Nokia Call Recorder 2.90 

Features The only Nokia call recorder in the world really WITHOUT BEEP for Symbian^3(N8/E7/E6/C7/C6/X7) & S60(C5/X6/5800/5530/5230/5235 etc)! 100% no beep on both sides! 100% perfect recording with no audio gaps in AMR/WAV clips! Record phone call automatically or manually, save important conversations as your will. Record voice memo, meeting, lecture etc, make your phone as a dictaphone. Manage recorded clips, search, play back, view, delete, copy, move, send etc. All devices even those with few keys like Nokia N8 can use hotkey to start/stop recording conveniently. Record all calls, or some of the calls according to the Include List/Exclude List. Send clips via MMS/Email/Bluetooth/Infrared. Total Disk Limited can be set. The oldest clips will be erased automatically when the total size of clips exceeds the setting value. Privacy protection, prevent all other softwares to access your recorded clips. Password protection, prevent unauthorized access to the software.

Added features
1. Old S60 V3 devices are supported to suppress beeps on both sides.
2. Required by many users, phone call recording starts at the dialing phase again, if the call is not answered the clip will be abandoned.
3. Added options to include "I" or "O" in the recorded clip file name to clearly indicate incoming call/ outgoing call.
4. Added direction as a search condition in the Search screen.
5. Modified the Clip List screen and the Clip Detailed Info screen, it's now more informative.
6. Added Bluetooth Hands-Free setting item, auto record feature can be disabled automatically when Bluetooth headset/car kit is connected.
7. Recording indicator is smaller than before.
8. The settings screen is more friendly to users.
Fixed bugs
1. Bold beast now works well even if the incoming call has a hidden telephone number.
2. Bold beast now can save recorded clips correctly even if the contact name or telephone number has special characters in it.
3. Some other minor bugs are fixed.

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