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Saturday, January 5, 2013

How to Merge Profile Picture and Timeline Picture on Facebook

This is very cool and simple trick to make your Facebook profile attractive. There is lot of websites that providing timeline covers but this a cool site to create attractive designs like merging, zooming, jigsaw, editing the bottom of the cover . below is the snapshot of the merging profile pic and timeline cover

How To Merge Profile Picture and Timeline cover on Facebook

  • Go to trickedouttimeline website and click on Merge profile & Cover photo.
  • trickedouttimeline will ask you to upload a picture [Upload the picture that you want to merge]
  • After uploading the picture, select the part of the picture to ur cover picture and click on DONE.
  • Then Click on the LIKE button of tricked out timeline or click on Already liked us? 
  • trickedouttimeline provides your profile picture and cover picture.

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