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Friday, October 11, 2013

Bhai's Another Car-Nama: Blasted car brand

Tuesday night turned nightmarish for Dabangg of Bollywood when his Range Rover ditched him mid-way and Salman has to board a rick to reach back his home.

This whole episode miffed Salman so much that he blasted the vehicle brand on twitter. Salman wrote `Meri bichari Range Rover ke hal kharab hai in last 1&1/2 yrs 9times brakepads hv failed 1bari pura suspension gaya or kal gadi he baith gayi (sic),`

Even while exhibiting his unhappiness about the customer support of the company Salman tweeted, `The company guys say it's a heavy car so the break pads vil wear off hehehe toh bus truck aur train n planes ka rose badalte hongay kinda pissed with the attitude ... they hv no concept of customer service.`

In his another tweet Salman tweeted about his rick-jaunt to his home and stated,"Kal raat ko jab gadi band padi had to take a rick home, really enjoyed the rickshaw ride : )...Been going on since a long time toh wanted to tweet this. Bus, aur batao kya haal hai?

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