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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Disable permission request of plugins in Chrome

“This plugin needs your permission to run ” . Should i allow or not?. I should.  Every time. And that’s the pain of it.  Google should add another option “Remember Always” .Till then you have to enable it manually.
Does it bug you when a plugin asks your permission every time when it needs to run?. Java SE plugin does this often. Recently, in my Chrome installation , My RoboForm plugin started acting weird. It started asking for permission to run on each website. I tried re installing RoboForm , its extension. None of that worked.
But there is an easy way to enable ( or rather, force enable ) your trusted list of plugins  to run without asking your permission , ever. Remember, you should not allow all plugins to run without permission. That security feature is there for a reason.


For editing the permissions,
  • Open up your Chrome browser.
  • Go to  ” chrome://plugins/ “  in your chrome.
  • Tick “Always allowed” for the plugin you want to always give permission.

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