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Monday, February 17, 2014

Rumors about mac book pro

Don't hold your breath for thinner MacBook Pros
Months of rumors point to Apple releasing slim
MacBook Pros this year, perhaps even aping the
look and feel of the company's MacBook Air
But what if the leading speculation is nothing
more than false hope?
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At least one recent report cites claims Apple's
2012 MacBook Pro line won't deviate too
significantly from previous years - at least where
size is concerned.
Regardless, the bulky optical disc drive appears
to be history, but there could be a curious
change taking up the same space.
Apple may use the space once occupied by its
internal SuperDrive to include a solid-state
storage drive dedicated to the operating system,
with a second traditional hard drive for
everything else.
Bigger is better?
So what happens to the space once occupied by
the internal hard drive? Apple may include a
significantly larger battery in its place - up to 30
percent larger, according to the tips we've been
The combination of an SSD boot disk and
increased battery size could be a powerful one,
bringing the super-fast startup times and longer
battery life of the MacBook Air, while retaining
the beefier processor and larger screens craved
by MacBook Pro users.
Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display review
New MacBook Pro models are expected to arrive
this summer, perhaps on the heels of OS X
Mountain Lion , aka Mac OS X 10.8, which Apple
promised for "late summer."

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