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Monday, March 10, 2014

IT Systems Administrator Interview Questions

 1.  When setting permissions in NTFS for an individual's network drive, which option(s) of the following levels do you give a default user?
Full Control / Modify / Read & Execute / Read / Write

Read and Execute

2. What do administrative shared folder names always end with?


3. On a network using DHCP, what is the easiest way to find out your IP address, DNS server, and DHCP server?

-Go to Start---Run---Type:

At the command prompt type:

View the output it will give you, the IP Address, DNS Server, and DHCP Server.

4. A user has a laptop and can get to the Internet without any problems but cannot get to any internal resources.  What is the first thing you would check?
-Is the user on domain?

5. What command do you use to promote a Windows Server to a Domain Controller?

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